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The world, she has changed…

Tech in this post: Nintendo DS, Little Professor calculator, iPad, iTouch

Little Professor math toyWhen I was Mal’s age, my two big Christmas presents were an AM/FM radio shaped like Snoopy and a Little Professor calculator (which was really a math game).   My husband says he got a Texas Instruments calculator.

Mal’s big present this year was a Nintendo DS.  I was expecting it to be something like a GameBoy, but it’s actually more similar to an iTouch.  He can play games, sure…but he can also take photos, edit those photos, listen to music, chat with friends, and to some limited extent surf the Internet.  This means I get my iPad back.

Now, the price point of the DS is probably higher than that of the Little Professor, but even so, there just wasn’t anything like it available.  Mal’s been playing Brain Age Math all day, which highlights the difference; among other things, he writes the answer by hand on the touch screen and the DS recognizes it.

I wonder what mathy computer tool his kids will get for their 7th-8th Christmas.


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