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I am very excited about going to ECA.  Everyone is very nice, and the school is big.  There aren’t many students in each class, but I bet I will meet tons of kids from all over the world.  They hang a flag in the plaza for each country that they have a student from.  The soccer field and pool are awesome.  I am going to take swimming.


Comments on: "ECA" (2)

  1. chookster347 said:

    Mal writes blog posts like a pro! (Wonder where he learned that skill from!)

  2. Darlene Logan said:

    Dear Mal,
    So good to hear you like your new school. It sounds fantastic! About how many nations’ flags are flying, and what are some of the countries your classmates are from? What languages are spoken in your classes by your teachers? Will you be writing about taking swimming lessons? I’m really old, but I want to take them, too, when the weather is warmer in Texas. Love, Grandmarmee

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