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This is still the internet, so let’s have a post about my cat

A lot of folks wrote me after my last post mentioning that litter was almost $40 a bag, asking what we were going to do about litter.  It’s not like it’s cheap to mail from the States.  Some folks suggested that’s what Venezuelan newspapers are for; others suggested the Washington Times for this purpose.

I’m going a slightly different, and possibly insane, route.

I’d been joking about training Inanna to use the toilet for a while, but when we received our air freight and the only thing that was broken was the litter box (how do you break a plastic litter box?), I went for it.  We are 2 weeks in to toilet training the cat, using the “WORLD FAMOUS” and “AS SEEN ON TV” dorkily-named Litter Kwitter. (The link takes you to their homepage where you get to watch videos of cats peeing, so I personally wouldn’t click it…)

I wouldn’t even bother to try this with any other cat, but Inanna is tiny, graceful, and smart, so if any cat can learn to do this, she can.  I wouldn’t have tried this with our recently-departed cat Enki, as he was dumb as a rock and stunningly clumsy.  And our previous cat Legion, who was awesome and smart and fastidious…well, I think we can all agree that Legion was just a teensy bit overweight, and the toilet-training would have looked like this:


The art print “Fat Cat Capsizing” by Richard Waterwax

But Inanna’s doing great, and I have high hopes that not only will I not need to pay the exorbitant prices for litter, but soon I won’t have to deal with the whole nasty litterbox thing.