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The second grade has their own wiki

How cool is that?  That’s how they do the second grade newsletter and make sure the parents have all the information about the class and the kids.

Also, if the school should shut down for any reason (like, say, if the fact that Chavez isn’t going to take the oath of office today and yet still be El Comandante in spite of the constitution motivates political riots, or if the massive food shortages mean the school can’t provide food), they go to online learning, and the wikis are the gateway to that.

An interesting insight into what tomorrow’s leaders are going to think of as “normal.”


Good stuff

Two bits of good news – we got our consumables shipment yesterday, and we got Mal enrolled in the school and he loves it.

Because of the uncertain nature of food supplies here, we’re authorized a shipment of 2000 lbs of things you’d buy and use up (foodstuffs and things like toilet paper and cleaners).  We bought about 1000 lbs of such things many months ago, and received them yesterday.  We didn’t do the whole 2000 because it’s hard to know what to get before you’ve been in a country, so we have another shot at getting it right.  For instance, I think we’ll be okay on dry pasta, but I wish we’d sent some microwave popcorn.  It was really nice to get flour and sugar and cat food, and Mal was happy to see fruit bars.

I knew we had a ton of storage space in the kitchen, but putting away 1000 lbs of groceries brought it home; we still have tons of space left over, and everything’s nicely organized.  Of course, the fridge is empty because we have no perishable items.  I’ll drag Mal to several grocery stores today, despite his hatred of them, and see if we can find anything.

Escuela Campo Allegre

Is not really a “happy field school” as it’s carved out of a steep mountainside in a crowded neighborhood, and at first glance from street level, looks like a prison with its huge white security gates, thick walls, and guards.  Once you’re inside, though, it’s a vibrant lovely place, full of good energy and wonderful people.  It’s apparently one of the best schools in the hemisphere, and I can believe it.  Mal’s bursting with excitement at getting to go there, and conveniently two other second graders are starting this week also (another American and a Brazilian).  We’re also looking at what after school activities to enroll him in – he wants to do swimming, karate, tennis, baseball, Legos, and soccer, so it will be more an issue of telling him he can’t do everything than finding something for him to do.

The school is pretty relaxed about the uniform – it’s the school polo shirt in the right color for your grade, plus navy bottoms which can even be jeans or leggings, and any shoes.  Mal normally squalls about “shirts with collars” and hisses and spits when we  make him wear one, but we bought him his uniform shirts today and he insisted on wearing one and said “This shirt is so comfortable!”