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Let’s hope the power stays on

Our apartment has a front door and a back door.  The front door is an elevator.  Literally.  There’s a call button inside our foyer, and when the elevator arrives we open the door and enter.  There’s no shared landing, and the elevator is key-controlled.  I guess they do this in some NYC apartment buildings also.

The back door, with its Alcatraz-level security gate, opens onto a small landing we share with the other apartment on this level (they have their own front door elevator on the other side).  The trash chute and the stairwell are accessed from this door…and only from this door.

So I hope you understand my concerns about the fact that the security gate sealed itself shut two days ago, effectively locking us in the apartment except for the front door elevator.  I’m really glad they didn’t shut off our power, as we are stuck until after Christmas.




Mal attended his first diplomatic function yesterday, one of the embassy holiday parties.  It was a small garden party of Americans and Venezuelans, and quite lovely.  He is is learning to respond “Bien” when someone asks him “Como estas?” and to wish people “Feliz Navidad.”  He also learned how to manage a buffet table and got all hopped up on imported Dr. Pepper.