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Resurrecting Taxipedio

Tech in this post: iPhone

I’m bring Taxipediography back from its moribund status to be a blog for me and Mal now that we’ve moved to Venezuela.  There may be less focus on tech, since we really can’t get too fancy here, but Mal will also be blogging!  He will put the “pedio” in the “graphy.”

So here’s the background – my husband, Mal’s father, who shall be called “the DH” (Dear Husband) by me and “Dad” by Mal in this blog, is a Foreign Service Officer.  We were posted to DC for several years, and while Mal was born in Greece and lived there his first two years, he really doesn’t remember it.  Life to him is the snowglobe of suburban NoVA.  The DH had to do a hardship tour this time, and ultimately it came down to Caracas or Abuja.  Both are pretty rough, but as much as I want to go to Africa, we felt the health situation was too dicey there to take a child.  So we opted for Caracas, and after a delay of about 6 months, we got visas.

The DH left in October, and I stayed in NoVA with Mal to get him thru the first semester of school.  We figured Winter Break would be an easier time to transition, but after doing that transition, I don’t think it made any difference.

Mal had been taking Spanish rather desultorily for a few months, and his Spanish teacher asked him to send notes back about cultural things and other stuff he is experiencing, so I suggested he follow in my footsteps as a blogger.  He’s been keeping a journal of the trip and using my iPhone to take photos and make videos, so I’ll upload those here.

Hopefully it will help him adjust, and also be fun and informative for you!