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One week in

Caracas is dominated by El Cerro Avila (Eagle Mountain), which also dominates the view from our apartment.  It rises 9,000 ft between the city and the Caribbean, and its peaks are where the clouds form.  It’s almost always wreathed in clouds this time of year, but the weather changes so rapidly that we can spend hours watching the play of light and shadow, clouds and clear sky, on the mountain.

Our life here changes moment to moment also.  Yesterday morning I woke up with a cold, the inevitable result of exposure to new germs and triggered by asthma from the smog.  My mood was pretty bad; after all, I hadn’t had coffee for a week.  I was also starting to panic about the food thing – unlike other places I’ve lived overseas, there’s not even a kiosk in walking distance.  We’re totally reliant on other people for rides to the stores, and the one trip to the grocery store was extremely depressing.  There’s not much food available, and what there is is expensive.  I admit to standing in the big kitchen with all the storage space and thinking how pointless it was, since there’s no food ot cook or store.

The property manager for our house back in the States emailed to say that the tenants wouldn’t move in because there was a firearm in the basement.  We own two firearms, and I gave both of them to a friend before I left to store in his safe, and they were never kept in the basement, which isn’t secure, so I don’t know what that was about but it really upset the DH.  While I was emailing a neighbor begging a favor to go collect whatever it was (probably Mal’s toy gun for his Halloween costume), we got a phone call from the conserje saying that our power was going to be turned off because the embassy hadn’t paid the power bill.  That would be very bad, as that means no air conditioning (in the one room where we have it) and no water, as the water is pumped up to the higher floors by electricity.

IOW, charlie foxtrot.

Mal seemed in good sorts, though, and when we told him that we were going into the embassy for lunch and to take care of a few things, he went and got on a collar shirt and tie shoes all on his own.  We walked over to the embassy, and the guard asked Mallory something in Spanish, to which Mal replied “No intiendo,” impressing the heck out of all of us.  He’s starting to pick up the basics already.

Once at the embassy, the day changed like the clouds on Avila…they had paid our bill and gave us the receipt as proof…even better, they told us that our car will arrive TODAY!  We had assumed we wouldn’t see it until February; it’s been in and out of the port three times but the port’s always shut down for one reason or another, and right now it’s closed for Christmas.  However, apparently the government decided to open it a little bit so that people have stuff for Xmas, because not only did our car arrive, but later in the evening when we caught a ride with the embassy van to the grocery store, the store was full of food.  I was much relieved.  They even had coffee.  And cat litter.  We’re saved!

Mal has noticed that even on the products that are the same as in the US, they will often change the name and the mascot.  For instance, Sprite is called Chinotto here.