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Amazon rocks.

If you used the Amazon cloud player, you probably already discovered this…but man did I get a shock yesterday when I went to play some music.  Amazon now provides an electronic copy of every album you’ve purchased from them physically!  It’s called Amazon AutoRip, and I’m thrilled because while we’ve ripped almost all of our *mumble*about 8,000 *mumble* CDs, we haven’t uploaded them all to Amazon yet.  My DH is the music geek and I had only recently convinced him to go to Amazon cloud player for ease of listening at work, and while he’s hooked he hasn’t been able to transfer over new purchases since we’ve been here (I think I mentioned the low bandwidth).

There are still some hiccups.  For example, I often buy music for other people that I wouldn’t necessarily listen to myself, and now it’s in my cloud player.  For myself, I usually just buy the digital copy, so it’s not a huge benefit.  And for my DH, who adamantly buys the actual CD, he often goes through a third-party reseller to get them used, and those aren’t part of AutoRip.  (He’s probably going to stop doing that anyway, as he’s had one too many experiences of the wrong disk being in the case).

This is great for another reason too:  Mal likes to listen to classical music as he falls asleep, but hates wearing earbuds.  As there’s no classical station here, now I can set up a laptop with the cloud player and have hours of music streaming for him.