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It’s been out a lot this weekend and yesterday.  When the power goes out here, it doesn’t seem to be just a neighborhood, it seems to be most or all of Caracas.  Some of the grocery stores will run on diesel generators, but otherwise everything’s off.

Yesterday’s outage was a surge and then blackout, which fried the surge protector our fridge was plugged into.  That’s a little scary, because with the spotty food supply we are relying on keeping stuff frozen and cold.  The fridge survived, and I relabeled the mystery circuit board, but I didn’t get any cooking done.

I was reminded once again of how fortunate we are; if our apartment loses power, we don’t lose water, and we aren’t really inconvenienced other than NO INTERNETS OMG!!!!  Chatting with the neighbor’s maid today about the power outage, she told me that the women in her neighborhood took to the streets yesterday, banging pots and pans and chanting “WE WANT WATER! WE WANT POWER!”

So the government sent in the National Guard.